Corporate Staff

David A. Martin, RN
President, CEO

President, CEO David Martin, RN

David Martin, RN received his degree in Nursing in 1980, and since then has worked primarily in the field of cardiovascular medicine. After 10 years in Intensive Care Units and emergency rooms, he became board certified as a Registered Nurse First Assistant, and went to work with heart and chest surgeons as a first assistant both in the operating room and on the wards. One of his responsibilities was the harvesting of saphenous veins for use as conduit in coronary bypass surgery, and in 1994, he became the first in the State of GA to do this using a scope rather than the traditional open incision method. This method has become the standard of care in GA and is now used in virtually every operating room in the country. In 2002, David founded VEININNOVATIONS as the first facility of its kind in Atlanta to offer every available technique for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose/spider veins. A decade later, VeinInnovations is widely regarded as the leader in office-based treatment of venous disease.

Lucille Pretlow
Director of Operations


Lucille received her degree in Computer Science in 1975 and worked primarily in that field for the first 10 years of her career. After 10 years of managing computers she transitioned into managing and training people. She received her first supervisor position in 1985 and has continued to move upwards to develop stronger leadership roles in the Medical field.  Lucy has worked with large hospital systems such as Orlando Regional, MD Anderson Cancer Center (affiliates of OR), Oviedo Ambulatory Center (affiliates of OR), Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Marcus Institute to help develop, operate and manage their computer systems while training staff to work in all areas of  reimbursement and revenue cycle processes. Lucille started her life career of knowledge in the Medical field with Veininnovations in 2008 as the Billing Manager promoted to Director of Operations in 2009. In her role as Director of operations she is responsible for the daily operations of three medical clinics and the administration office. This includes Payroll, Employee benefits, HR matters, HIPPA complaints, Provider credentialing, Medical records complaints, accounts receivables and accounts payable.

Lucy lives in Marietta GA and has two children and a grand daughter. She has membership with GMGMA and NFGMA Medical Associations.

Shelby K. Gutenberger
Director of Business Development


Shelby launched her career with VeinInnovations as a marketer and physician referral coordinator in 2009.  As her role and team grew, she was promoted to the Director of Business Development in 2011.  She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Shelby earned her bachelor’s degrees in Theatre and Communication.  After graduation, she followed her soon-to-be husband to Athens, Georgia, where he was attending graduate school.  While in Athens, Shelby dipped her toes into the marketing world with a local start-up magazine as an account executive where she learned the ins and outs of print advertising.  From there, Shelby broadened her marketing skills selling radio advertisements as an account executive for Southern Broadcasting (now Cox Media).  Utilizing her expertise in buying and selling radio and print media, Shelby handles all of VeinInnovations advertising relationships.  Shelby’s current position allows her the opportunity to share patient success stories through the airwaves and print. Shelby delights in meeting the patients and hearing about how lighter legs have improved their overall quality of life and have allowed them to do things they didn't think were possible.  Shelby lives in Grant Park with her husband, Tim, and two boys, Miles (5) and Maddox (2).

Mayra Cisneros
Administrative Assistant


Natalie Clarke
Business Development and Marketing Coordinator


Shun Colvard
Billing Supervisor


Elyse Griffin
Billing / Collection Specialist

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Shontrice Dew
Per-cert coordinator