Our patients’ health and overall happiness is important to us. That’s why we pay especially close attention to any and all concerns they have prior to receiving treatment. However, success stories and the freedom and confidence our patients feel are what drives VeinInnovations’ physicians and vein care specialists to continue advancing our field.

Our patients are from all different walks of life. While they are different ages, work in different professions and have different lifestyles, they all have renewed confidence and comfort thanks to varicose vein removal at VeinInnovations!

We take pride in knowing that we help people live full, pain-free lives. Take a minute to read what our satisfied customers have to say, or feel free to browse our vein treatment testimonials page!

VeinInnovations can help regardless of:

Age: “… I was a happy guy because I thought myself that I was at the point in my life and my physical condition which was deteriorating that I was going to lose my mobility…It’s just like a whole new world opened up.” (Ed Smith, Telephone Technician)

Genetics: “I first started noticing that I had varicose veins when I was a senior in high school. It was a genetic disorder for me. I did not want to go through what my mother went through with the surgery that they had available in her time … I used to dread the summer because I would not want to walk on the beach and I didn’t want anyone to see my legs before. So now, I can’t wait until summer because my legs are freakin’ awesome…” (Abby Crook, Hairstylist and Runner)

Severity: “The first physician I saw said he couldn’t do anything about my vein problems and said that even if he treated it, it probably wouldn’t work. The staff at VeinInnovations said I was a prime candidate for VNUS closure, and there was no reason not to treat it. Thank goodness I got a second opinion. I’m very happy with the results.” (Kim Roberson)

We are so proud to have served these patients and others with vein removal and treatment. Don’t wait to schedule your own consultation appointment with our vein physicians. Take our clients’ advice and contact us today. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get your veins removed sooner!

Image Courtesy of: Flickr