VEININNOVATIONS was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2002 to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the remarkable technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. These advances included new, more sensitive imaging devices, and an entirely new array of treatment options that were catheter based, and designed for the office, thus eliminating the need for hospitalization. We were the first vein specialist facility in Georgia operated by physicians to offer every effective treatment option available. We remain to this day, the only practice to meet those criteria.

The founders of VEININNOVATIONS realized that to deliver the full benefits of these exciting new technologies, dedicated facilities operated by specially trained staff would have to be designed and built. That is exactly what we have done, and it has proven to be an extremely successful model of care. From our inception, we at VEININNOVATIONS have focused solely on the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, including varicose and spider veins, and we continue to do so. In this way we can provide the very best possible vein treatment, and help all our patients have Great Legs For Life (TM).