accuvein3VeinInnovations shines new light on pesky spider veins; AccuVein illumination makes treatments faster, more effective than ever before.

Atlanta-based VeinInnovations, the area leader in innovative, comprehensive vein treatment since 2002, currently has the exclusive rights to a new tool that literally “outs” the root cause of a circulatory issue that, for a big portion of the population, takes the joy out of wearing summer’s shorts and bathing suits.

“About half the population over the age of 50 will suffer from venous reflux and the resulting varicose and or spider veins. For the general population,

an estimated 33 percent of all adult women and 25 percent of all adult men have problems resulting from reflux – the backward flow of blood in the legs caused by the failure of delicate one-way valves that, when healthy, keep blood from flowing backward. This backward flow of blood may result in heavy, tired, restless legs, with or without varicose or spider veins. Some people will have spider veins without reflux, however, due to age, pregnancies, and/or injuries,” said David Martin, RN, CRNFA and president and CEO  of VeinInnovations.

“With AccuVein, we can help patients eliminate spider veins faster, easier, and with better results than ever before,” Martin added.

Through Summer, 2014, VeinInnovations is in an exclusive partnership with AccuVein, making VeinInnovations patients the only people in the area benefiting from AccuVein’s infrared light and real-time projection accuvein1_opt display of veins during sclerotherapy treatments for telangiectasia, or spider veins.

“With the AccuVein we can pinpoint exactly where to place the medication used to close and eliminate spider veins. We have done the procedure successfully for years without the AccuVein, but now, with it, we will know immediately which veins are ‘feeding’ spider veins, and achieve better results with more targeted injections. Too, we will get more done in less time, leading to a better outcome, fewer appointments, and happier patients,” said Martin.

accuvein2_optAccuVein has been used for several years to identify the location of the best veins to use for IVs, infusion therapy, and blood draws; using it to identify veins for sclerotherapy is a relatively new practice.

“AccuVein reached out to VeinInnovations with this opportunity because of our reputation for excellence and innovation. We are thrilled to bring this advance to our patients, and people who’ve been thinking about seeking treatment, just in time to enjoy a spider-vein free summer,” Martin added.

VeinInnovations, with clinics in Atlanta and Johns Creek, offers every available treatment modality for varicose and spider veins, and offers the services of four board certified surgeons at its comprehensive vein care centers.