Dr. Lisa Perez 2016_2For Dr. Lisa Perez, the knowledge that she is improving the lives of her patients motivates her every day. “I see patients who were having leg pain that was stopping them from fully enjoying their lives. Maybe they are overweight and their leg pain was preventing them from getting fit, and then I see them after treatment and they are so happy. It is just so gratifying,” she says.

 A graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and board certified in emergency medicine, Dr. Perez began her career in that area and transitioned to vein care in 2011 and took her current position in 2015. She is especially enjoying the relationships she is now able to have with her patients. “As an ER doctor you treat the problem, and then the patient goes away. In this field, you help them, and you see the results after treatment,” she says. “It’s great to see patients so happy and excited. They hug you and are glad to be here.”

Clearing up misconceptions

Dr. Perez says her patients have many misconceptions about vein treatment. “They are often afraid it will be painful or will require a lot of time off work. They remember their parents receiving treatment like vein stripping that required a hospital stay. It was just an overall arduous process. That is no longer true. Treatment for venous disease is much easier now,” she says.

According to Dr. Perez, her patients often come in concerned about the costs. “They think varicose veins are a cosmetic issue only and are surprised that insurance will cover treatment,” she says. “People may not come in because they think it’s cosmetic, and that cosmetic equals expensive. It’s exciting when they discover many treatments are actually covered by their insurance.”

Medicine is a family affair

Dr. Perez grew up surrounded by a love of the medical field. Her father, who is still practicing medicine at 70, is a doctor, and her mother is a nurse. When she was a little girl, her father would bring her to the hospital with him. “I knew I wanted to be a doctor when I was very young. I used to play with my father’s medical bag. I really loved the stethoscope,” she says.

For Dr. Perez, it was her father’s encouragement that led her to become a doctor. “My father really enjoyed his career. It was very rewarding to him, and he encouraged all his children to go into medicine. My parents were such good role models,” she says. “If you thought you couldn’t do it, you had someone saying, ‘You can do this.’ That was my dad.”

Up for the challenge

Dr. Perez finds her work challenging and always interesting. “I am doing procedures that we didn’t perform at my previous practice. I’ve learned new skills. It’s made me a better physician overall and specifically better in treating venous disease,” she says.

 A special place to work

 Dr. Perez says it’s the staff at VeinInnovations that make it such a special place for patients and such a great place to work. “The staff makes a huge difference. From the front desk to medical assistants, nurses and ultrasound techs, this is by far the best staff I’ve ever worked with. It really sets us apart.”

For Dr. Perez, the best part of working at VeinInnovations is that their quest for innovation, always looking for new procedures and better ways to help patients overcome their venous disease.

When she’s not caring for her patients, Dr. Perez enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and two children.

If you are suffering with venous disease, please contact the caring team at VeinInnovations to discover how we can help.