ClosureFast (formerly known as Venefit) is a closure procedure (radio frequency ablation of the greater saphenous vein) and is a trade-marked name for treatment of saphenous vein reflux that uses radiofrequency energy. Closure is done in our office without general anesthesia and takes the place of older surgical procedures done in the operating room, like vein stripping and high ligation of the saphenous vein. It generally takes about one hour or less and is usually covered by insurance and Medicare. Normal activity can be resumed the same day, however, strenuous activity should be postponed for at least a week.

Radio Frequency Closure Of The VeinHere’s how the procedure is done:
Our board-certified physician starts the procedure by accessing the saphenous vein in the leg with a hollow needle, using ultrasound guidance. Then a thin wire is threaded through the needle and the needle is withdrawn leaving the wire in place. A small catheter is then placed in the vein and the machine supplying radiofrequency energy is turned on and the catheter is slowly withdrawn as the treated vein closes behind it. Thus, the vein is closed using only a 1/4 inch “incision” (much smaller than the incisions used for either vein stripping and/or high ligation of the saphenous vein).

What results can be expected?
Patients report rapid and pronounced relief of symptoms in legs treated with the VNUS Closure system. Research has shown that 95% of the veins treated with Closure were invisible by ultrasound at 24 month follow-up, suggesting that the body reabsorbs the treated vein over time. Meanwhile, the patient can enjoy the benefits of corrected venous circulation.


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