There are few things that are as beneficial for our well-being and health as exercise. However, in today’s busy society, many of us struggle to get enough (or any) exercise, and the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases is becoming frighteningly high. For office workers or other people who spend a lot of their time sitting down, the need for exercise is tremendous in order to keep their bodies healthy. Luckily, there are multiple simple steps you can take to improve your fitness and lose weight without setting aside time specifically to exercise.

Ways To Exercise at Home and in Your Everyday Life

1.) Try to walk more and to walk faster. A quick walk, whether it’s around the house, to the grocery store or around the mall, can help you burn calories, improve your heart and lung health, strengthen your leg muscles, improve your blood circulation and improve your mood.

2.) Tidy up the house a little bit every day. Cleaning the house, even doing just one or two chores a day, can burn a lot of calories. For example, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning up the kids’ toys from the floor or doing laundry can all add up to a substantial amount of physical activity.

3.) Exercise while watching TV. Rather than just lying on the couch, sit up straight and do some light free weight exercises. During every commercial break, stand up and stretch, do some squats or walk around for two or three minutes.

4.) Exercise your calf muscles while brushing your teeth, doing dishes or standing in line. One of the easiest but most effective calf exercises is to place your feet flat on the floor, rise up onto the balls of your feet, hold for a couple of seconds, sink down to the point where your heel is almost (but not fully) touching the floor again, and then repeating this at least 10-20 times. For even better results, balance on one leg at the time. This exercise is also great for reducing the risk of varicose veins in the legs.

Ways To Exercise at Work

1.) Walk, bike or take public transport to work.  Even a short walk to the nearest bus station is better for your health (not to mention the environment) than getting directly into your car and driving all the way there. If you do drive, park farther away and walk the last bit to the office – every little bit helps!

2.) Tense your glutes while sitting at your desk. Super easy and very subtle!

3.) Take the stairs. While you might save a few seconds by taking the elevator, walking just one or two extra flights of stairs each day can help burn off extra calories as well as improve you leg strength and blood circulation. If you walk fast or even jog, you will burn more calories plus improve your cardiovascular health at the same time.

4.) Take a walk during your lunch hour. If your lunch is 30 minutes to an hour, take at least 10-15 minutes each day to walk outside. This will not only burn calories but will also help you meet your daily vitamin D intake, something many office workers struggle with.

5.) If you need to talk to a colleague, walk over to them rather than call or email.

6.) Stand up and walk around when you are talking on the phone.

Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Venous Health

In addition to the positive effects on your cardiovascular and lung health, exercise has numerous other health benefits, including for your venous system. Some of these are indirect. For example, being overweight is a known risk factor for varicose veins, as is sitting for prolonged periods, and losing weight and moving around are hence associated with a reduced risk of varicose vein problems.

Exercising also has direct effects on varicose vein and spider vein problems as it increases blood circulation in the legs, thereby reducing the risk of developing these disorders. In addition, if you are already suffering from varicose veins, exercising can also help reduce the associated pain and swelling as a result of the improved blood flow. People who suffer from venous disease sometimes do not want to exercise due to painful, achy, tired legs. In-office, minimally invasive procedures can eliminate the pain and discomfort from embarrassing varicose and spider veins. Our vein experts always promote healthy living and exercise, but doing such things will not correct your existing vein problems.

Even if you don’t have time to make it to the gym, changing little things in your everyday routine can make a big difference in the long run, leading to a longer, happier and healthier life.