We’ve talked here before about the importance of exercise in helping to prevent varicose veins or keep them from getting worse. We know most people spend a large chunk of their day at work either sitting at a desk on standing in one place. Both of these things can make varicose veins worse.

Fortunately, there are some exercises you can do while you’re working that will help keep your blood circulating and prevent the swelling, achiness, and fatigue that many people with varicose veins feel at the end of the day. These aren’t meant to take the place of other exercises such as walking, biking, and swimming, but they’re worth doing during the course of your workday. They are also good if you’re on a long plane flight.work exercises for varicose veins

Seated Calf Raises

The calf muscles in your legs play a large role in moving blood upward. Therefore, it’s important to work those throughout the day.

Seated calf raises will also improve the flexibility and strength of these important muscles. Simply sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Then lift up your heels while pressing your toes into the floor. Hold that position for several seconds and then lower your heels back down slowly. You can alternate feet or do one at a time.

You can also alternate that movement by pushing your heels into the floor and pointing your toes up. If you want to add some resistance, place something heavy like a book or backpack, on your lap. Do each variation of these exercises at least 10 times a day.

Ankle Rotations

For many people, being seated for long periods causes their ankles to swell. That’s one of the signs of chronic vein insufficiency. You can improve the circulation in your ankles by moving each foot in a circle, first clockwise for 30 seconds, and then counterclockwise for 30 seconds. As with the calf raises, you can do one ankle at a time or both simultaneously (although that requires a bit more coordination).

Standing Exercises

Standing exercises give you a great opportunity to get out of your chair for a few minutes. However, if your job involves standing, you may be able to do them without leaving your post.

Keeping your body upright and your knees straight, hold onto a chair or something else for balance. Rise up on your toes and hold that position for several seconds. Then slowly lower your heels. Do three sets of ten.

For a good stretch of your quadriceps (the large muscles in your upper front legs), stand on one leg and bend your other leg backward by holding your ankle. Again, be sure to hold onto something like the back of your chair so that you are standing straight and maintain your balance. Hold for about ten seconds, and then repeat with the other leg. Do each side ten times.

In addition to these exercises, you can help your circulation during the workday by doing the following:

  • Take breaks whenever possible and walk around.
  • If you’re able to, elevate your feet on something such as an empty overturned wastebasket.

You don’t have to suffer with varicose veins and the other unpleasant symptoms of vein disease. Our vein specialists will diagnose the exact nature of your condition using ultrasound technology and then recommend the best varicose vein treatment for you. Call or contact us online today to schedule a consultation at one of our convenient Atlanta vein treatment clinics.