When our veins or the valves inside of them are weakened or damaged, blood doesn’t circulate as it should. It can leak out of the veins. As our Atlanta vein specialists often explain to our patients, this is why people with vein disease may suffer from varicose vein problems or swelling in the legs. That’s blood pooling where it shouldn’t instead of carrying oxygen and nutrients through the body as it’s meant to do.

This causes poor circulation, and that can create a whole variety of health problems. Most people are aware of the symptoms that impact their legs, like varicose veins, swelling, numbness, and discomfort.

Signs of a Possible Circulatory Problem

However, multiple parts of the body, literally from head to toe, can be impacted when blood doesn’t circulate properly. For example, you may experience:

  • Lowered cognitive ability. If healthy, oxygenated blood isn’t getting to your head, your mental abilities can be slowed. You may have trouble concentrating and remembering.digestive problems
  • Digestive problems. Most people don’t associate these with poor circulation. However, if your digestive tract doesn’t have the blood it needs, your body may not be digesting the food properly, causing all sorts of unpleasant symptoms. Further, if food isn’t properly digested, your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs from the food. A related symptom is appetite loss.
  • Tightness or pressure in the chest, known as angina. This is often mistaken for a heart attack. It can happen when blood isn’t properly getting back up to the heart from the lower extremities.
  • Lowering of libido and fertility issues. Our reproductive organs need a healthy supply of blood. For men, poor circulation can cause sexual dysfunction. For women, it can cause problems getting pregnant.

Poor Circulation Can Affect General Health

The circulatory system is related closely to the immune system because it carries vitamins and minerals through your body to help you fight infections and illness. When you don’t have those, you’re more likely to get sick or not heal from injuries or illnesses as you should.

The circulatory system also affects the metabolism. Poor circulation can lead to lowered metabolism. You may tire more easily or even have an overall feeling of exhaustion.

Our Atlanta Vein Doctors Can Diagnose and Treat Circulatory Problems

If you’re experiencing these symptoms and your doctor hasn’t found a reason for them, they may be due to poor circulation caused by vein disease. At Veininnovations, our Atlanta vein doctors do a thorough diagnosis using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. This allows us to determine if there is damage to one or more veins that’s causing the circulatory problem. We can then recommend the best laser vein removal procedure for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Atlanta vein specialists.