Dr. Caudill - his fave[1] smallerHow does a distinguished cardiovascular surgeon known for his remarkable innovations in his field spend his retirement years? How about by continuing to follow his passion for helping those who suffer from venous disease? In his post-retirement years, after devoting more than 40 years treating those with cardiovascular disease, Dr. Darrell Caudill was excited to take on the medical director role at VeinInnovations in 2011.

Board-certified in general, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery and a fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Caudill is well-known in the Atlanta medical community. Over the course of his career, he practiced cardiovascular surgery at Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta and served for many years as chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Georgia Baptist Medical Center. After retiring from his surgical practice, Dr. Caudill joined VeinInnovations to continue his quest to help those who suffer from venous disease.

Always one to follow his dreams, Dr. Caudill knew at a young age that he wanted to be a doctor. Inspired by his uncles who were physicians, Dr. Caudill attended University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where he soon discovered his interest in cardiovascular surgery. One afternoon during his first year in medical school, as he took a break from an anatomy class, he wandered into a lab conducting preliminary research into open-heart surgery. “Seeing that investigative work during my first few weeks of medical school started it all,” he says. Within a few months, Dr. Caudill was working for the chair of the cardiovascular surgery department and exposed to the field of cardiovascular surgery on a daily basis.

Saving lives

After graduation, Dr. Caudill served his country as an Army surgeon during the Vietnam War. His time at the 17th Field Army Hospital in Ahn Khe, Vietnam, helped him hone his surgical skills and taught him to never accept what seems like a limitation when it comes to helping patients.

“Vietnam opened my eyes to the fact that there are no limits to the things we can pursue when solving difficult problems,” he says. “With all the mass causalities I saw, I realized I had to extend my limits and my abilities and sometimes improvise to come up with a successful outcome for my patients.”

Expanding boundaries

Never one to stop expanding boundaries, Dr. Caudill began the cardiac surgical program at Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia, and was the first surgeon in Georgia to use intra-aortic balloon therapy, a procedure that has saved countless lives and is currently used over 70,000 times a year in the United States. He continues his quest for innovation by participating in the development of a revolutionary new venous disease treatment called BASIS. This therapy avoids the use of heat and therefore reduces the discomfort patients feel, since BASIS eliminates the need for additional injected anesthetics. Striving to help patients live happier, more active lives with less pain, Dr. Caudill is currently completing the investigational trial for BASIS at VeinInnovations Sandy Springs.

“I realize one of the greatest barriers to seeking care for venous disease is fears about pain related to treatment and fear of the unknown,” he says. “I am even more excited about BASIS because, by eliminating the need for additional injections of anesthesia, we have significantly reduced discomfort for our patients.”

Joining VeinInnovations

Dr. Caudill was drawn to VeinInnovations because of their long history of providing high-quality treatment. They are one of the first practices in Georgia to offer services for those with venous disease. As Medical Director of VeinInnovations, Dr. Caudill says one of the most exciting parts of his work is being able to improve the quality of life for his patients.

“Seeing a patient’s legs go from swollen, brown and unsightly to an almost normal appearance and more importantly, to feeling normal, is one of the greatest things about being here. Daily, I am struck by the tremendous improvement we can provide in the lives of our patients,” he says.

Dr. Caudill brings his significant knowledge of vascular disease to his work at VeinInnovations. His deep understanding of the pathology of venous disease is especially helpful in assessing patients and helping develop individualized treatment plans.

“I know patients want a one-step cure, but the causes of venous disease are complicated and the treatment requires a multi-phase and individualized approach. However, patients soon discover that it was all worth it when they see and feel the results.”

When he is not treating patients, Dr. Caudill enjoys golfing, reading and traveling with Helen, his wife of 20 years. With three sons all graduates of the University of Georgia, Dr. Caudill is also an avid Bulldogs’ fan.

If you or someone you love is suffering with venous disease, please contact us today and learn how Dr. Caudill and the team at VeinInnovations can help.