Here at VeinInnovations, our primary goal is to provide you with a proper diagnosis, offer you customized treatment options, and improve the overall health of your leg veins. New patient visits last approximately 1 hour and include a comprehensive diagnostic exam, review of your medical history, detailed physical exam, and consultation with a physician. If you have had any past evaluation or treatment for your leg veins, it is recommended that records be obtained prior to your visit, if possible. No special preparation is required upon your initial visit to our office. All required forms can be downloaded and completed in advance prior to your appointment on our website.

Upon arrival, you will need to complete the required forms as part of your medical record. Photographs may be initially obtained of your legs as part of your medical record. An ultrasound will then be performed to make a proper diagnosis using color Doppler technology. A transducer probe is placed on various parts of your leg, providing detailed information about the anatomy, size, and valve function of your leg veins. This examination is a safe, painless, and effective way to accurately determine the presence of Venous Reflux Disease. Once the ultrasound is complete, a personal consultation will be conducted. This includes reviewing your ultrasound results, obtaining your medical history, performing an intensive physical exam, and informing you of recommendations and customized treatment options. Complimentary cosmetic ultrasound screening appointments are also available to rule out possible venous reflux disease.  If the ultrasound is negative and you have cosmetic concerns, VeinInnovations will recommend sclerotherapy to treat the spider veins.  If the ultrasound is positive and you have backward blood flow of the veins, VeinInnovations will recommend you come back to visit us for a full new patient office visit evaluation.  Many times this office visit and subsequent treatment, when disease is present, is covered by insurance. To schedule your appointment or obtain additional information about our services, please call our office at 678-731-9815.

Physician referrals are always welcome for evaluation.