Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. Symptoms of RLS include itchy, burning and tingling sensations. It is worse at night when lying down and is relieved by movement or walking. RLS can cause trouble falling asleep, and/or repeated awakenings. This disorder is most common in middle and older age groups and affects 10-15% of the US population.

There are numerous causes for RLS such as intake of stimulants (including caffeine), side effects of some medications (i.e. beta blockers and antidepressants), alcohol, pregnancy, drug withdrawal, anemia, and chronic liver or kidney failure. RLS is believed to be associated with a number of factors, including iron deficiency, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. In addition, a recent study performed by professors at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School found that men who were diagnosed with RLS were approximately 40% more likely to die prematurely compared to men without the condition.

There is a great overlap in the symptoms of vein disease and RLS. Chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins can cause symptoms of RLS.

Recent medical research reported in the journal Dermatologic Surgery, showed that 22% of patients with RLS also have venous insufficiency. Studies show that the treatment of venous insufficiency can relieve symptoms of RLS. According to a study in the journal Phlebology, in patients with RLS and venous insufficiency, 98% of patients experienced relief from RLS symptoms by treating their venous insufficiency, and 80% had long-term relief.

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