The energy and friendliness of both the doctors and staff at Veininnovations in Johns Creek make the treatment process so much better. They are great at explaining what to expect and how it will be done, and their concern is your total comfort (like being at a spa). I am nearing the end of treatments and already notice and feel an improved difference. I will very much miss the team there. Highly recommend!

Max Sutherland

Duluth, GA


I developed varicose veins during my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any symptoms for years, however in past several months started experiencing intermittent heaviness and burning in my leg.  After researching metro Atlanta varicose vein treatment centers, I decided to consult with Dr. David Park for further evaluation of my condition.  My first visit was on time, very informative and I had a clear treatment plan on hand. The procedure itself was quick, under 20 minutes and I left the clinic without feeling any pain. The VeinInnovations staff is very friendly and professional. I am about to complete my last treatment at the VeinInnovations, the results are truly amazing. I cannot wait to put my high heels shoes back on and enjoy varicose vein free legs.

Beata Majewski MD, MPH

Midland, GA


I got to know each and every one of you there at the end of last year and beginning of this year and really enjoyed the whole staff and their smiles! Summer is upon us and I’m wearing shorts and muchmore confident baring my legs these days. My husband cannot get over the difference. I’ve had 3 children and dealt with the leg pain and unsightliness for so long and while the procedures disrupted my life (as far as exercise goes) and took some time – I have to say “it was worth it!”! Thanks to both Dr. Parks, Laura, Holly, Wanda, and Stephanie.

Hayley Parker

Suwanee, GA


My first appointment with Dr. David Park regarding my varicose veins was enlightening. He and his staff were thorough in their explanation of what treatment was needed and how it would be done. I left feeling good about the next steps. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Park for years and has always received excellent care.

Dale Casement

Alpharetta, GA


Dr. David Park is one of the best doctors in my opinion. He is very patient-friendly and always takes the time to provide a detailed explanation of the procedure being performed. Most of all he is very concerned about his patients and your well-being. I trust him completely to take care of me.

William (Bill) Casement

Alpharetta, GA


VeinInnovations is a comfortable, friendly, refreshing place to go. I was not sure of what to expect as this is a new issue for me. However, the staff and the process made me feel at home and with friends.

Siam Rogers

Buford, GA


Caring and professional with great results. Staff treated you promptly and procedure was performed on time with very limited down time. I felt results from procedure in a very short time.

Fred Snapp

Lawrenceville, GA


Excellent service. Excellent and professional staff. Excellent communication with patients. Clean facility and state of the art treatment. Dr. Alex Park explained my diagnosis and treatment plan thoroughly and patiently. I would recommend VeinInnovations without hesitation.

Allison Henry-Comrie, MD

Alpharetta, GA


Love, love, love this place! It had been years since I wore shorts or dresses without dark tights. However, a few trips to see Laura and I proudly wear dresses (short) and shorts! I have become a new person! Thank you so much!

Ruthie Harkins

Blairsville GA


Thank you for choosing VeinInnovations. We hope your legs are feeling and looking better, and that your visits with us were positive. Tell us what you think by writing a review! Feedback about your experience with us is very important. It could mean healthier, happier legs for others considering vein treatment in the future.