Most people associate varicose veins with getting older, being pregnant or having circulatory issues that arise from being overweight or not getting enough exercise. Consequently, on the fairly rare occasions when children get varicose veins, parents and even pediatricians often mistake the bulges for something else. Therefore, too many young people’s varicose veins go untreated, resulting in leg ulcers, damaged valves and tissue and other serious conditions.

The Facts About Vein Disease in Childrenchildren

The specialists at our vein clinics in Atlanta don’t see a lot of children with varicose veins, but the condition can affect children. The valves inside of our veins that keep the blood pumping upward can start to degrade at an early age.

Sometimes by the time chronic venous insufficiency or other vein disease is diagnosed in children, they’ve lost some of these valves already. One research study found that one out of 20 school-age girls had lost valves in their leg veins by the time they were 9 years old and one in nine girls had developed venous reflux by the time they were 18.

When a child or teen has varicose veins or other symptoms of venous disease, it’s essential to find out what’s causing it and to get it treated. Children can experience the same unpleasant symptoms that adults with varicose veins get, including swelling, pain, fatigue and itching. It’s important not to ignore these symptoms even if varicose veins aren’t visible because there may still be underlying problems with their veins.

Treating Vein Disease in Children

Fortunately, just as with varicose veins and other venous conditions in adults, vein disease in children can be treated. The non-invasive and minimally invasive varicose vein treatments that we offer at VeinInnovations can be done on children.

Choosing the right vein treatment, however, is essential. That’s why we use the latest in ultrasound diagnostic technology to determine just exactly what’s going on inside the veins. Then, in consultation with the child’s parents, we recommend the most appropriate vein procedure.

Our vein specialists explain to children, in terms they can understand, what will be happening during the procedure and how much better they’ll feel afterwards. These treatments are done in the comfort of our Atlanta vein treatment clinics, and kids can go home the same day.

If you’re concerned that your child may have varicose veins or other vein disease, call us or contact us online today to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient Atlanta locations.