Are You At Risk of Spider Veins? It’s very possible.

Up to 60% of all Americans suffer from a vein disorder like spider veins or varicose veins.

Spider Vein Treatments - No More PainThe cause of spider veins is uncertain, but factors that can weaken vein valves include heredity, aging, obesity, leg injury, hormone fluctuation, pregnancy and prolonged standing. Spider veins on the face of a fair-skinned person can occur from exposure to the sun. Although the direct cause of spider veins is uncertain, there are some ways that people can work to prevent the formation of spider veins.

Spider veins can look unattractive, and can worsen over time if not treated. The skin at or around the spider veins can also itch or burn.

Spider veins are usually quite small and are visible on the skin surface. They are formed when the one-way valves inside the tiny veins become damaged or do not work properly for any of the reasons listed above. If a valve does become damaged, it can increase pressure on the area of the vein preceding it, which in turn causes that area to enlarge until, finally, a spider vein is “born”.

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