We all know that sun exposure damages the skin. No one should spend any amount of time in the sun without a good sun block. The vein specialists at VeinInnovations remind our patients that sun exposure can worsen varicose veins and spider vein problems.

sun exposure and veinsHow Does Sun Exposure Lead to Spider Veins?

Sun exposure damages, dries out and weakens the skin. It also prevents the skin from being able to move as it should. Spider veins occur when veins dilate to the surface of the skin and the blood has no place to go. This causes broken capillaries that result in spider veins on the outer layers of the skin. Further, because the skin has been damaged by the sun, the broken capillaries and veins aren’t able to repair themselves.

During the long, hot Georgia summers, people often see an increase in spider veins. Usually, spider veins (which are essentially small varicose veins) are red, blue and purple in color. They usually appear in spider web-like clusters — thus their name. In some instances, they can also result in discoloration of the skin.

While spider veins aren’t as painful or as potentially dangerous as varicose veins, they can be unsightly, particularly when they’re on the face. One of the potential issues that spider veins cause at their more extreme is unnatural pigmentation of the skin. Skin discoloration is often the end result.

Why Can Previous Sun Exposure Lead to Spider Veins?

Everyone has become increasingly knowledgeable about the dangers of the sun’s rays over the years. However, many people spent the summers of their youth lounging by the pool or at the beach for hours on end with little or no sun protection. Remember slathering on baby oil to optimize your tan? The damage that occurred decades ago can never be completely undone. That’s why even people who are careful to wear sunscreen now may still find themselves developing spider veins because of the damage that’s already been done to their skin.

How Does Sun Exposure Worsen Varicose Veins?

Many people see more varicose veins on their legs and other areas during the summer. Often they become more prominent. While the sun doesn’t actually cause them, it can cause veins to enlarge in order to bring blood closer to the skin. It’s one of nature’s ways of cooling the body. However, this can cause varicose veins to become more prominent. While the sun is a culprit here, so is anything that causes the body to heat up, like hot tubs or just being in an unconditioned building on a hot Atlanta day.

With fall just around the corner, most people will be spending more time indoors. This is the perfect time to consider having your spider veins or varicose veins removed once and for all. Call or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to diagnose and discuss your vein issues and determine the best varicose and spider vein treatment for you. We’ll show you how fast, easy and painless it is to be rid of those pesky spider veins and to keep new ones from appearing.