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The staff is wonderful, always welcoming and friendly. They are very efficient and courteous with your time. I love my nurse who has been giving me sclero treatments! She is very kind, easy to talk to and great at her job.

 Kip H. 4/19/2016



I’ve been dealing with veins my whole life. I was tired of trying to hide them and the pain had become unbearable. Vein Innovations has changed my life already! it was the best decision I’ve ever made, I just wish I had done it sooner.

 Regina W. 4/8/2016



VeinInnovations worked on both legs. The right leg improved at least 80% but the left only about 50%. They rechecked and found another vein that was not working properly and i am scheduled to go back and have that one done sometime late in March. That should make both legs feel much better. These are good friendly people and they really care about their patients.

Paula H. 3/9/2016



I absolutely love the staff at VeinInnovations!

Angie 10/31/2015



My experience with Vein Innovations at Johns Creek was excellent. The doctors and staff were very caring and helpful. They were a great help in getting my procedures done in the timing I needed. I am just at the end of my treatments and am very pleased. My legs do not ache and hurt and I am able to sleep at night comfortably. Thank you Doctors Park and staff for all your help.

 Mary M. 2/14/ 2016



 Dr. Alex Park and his staff have provided the best experience. They have been very professional, ensured I understood what procedure and process was to be performed, and provided excellent patient care and results. I will be highly recommending VeinInnovations to all my friends and family. They are the best!

 Charles 10/30/2015



  I went to Vein Innovations to get rid of my spider veins. After the examination I was informed of the true cause of my spider veins. So the treatment began. All steps of my treatment have been above and beyond what I expected. All employees from the receptionist to the nurses to the doctors have been extremely professional, thorough and very nice! My legs feel and look better than they have in decades! I am 54 and I wish I would have done this years ago. I am a teacher so I am on my feet a lot. I was experiencing pain and swelling and now that is gone! I have told many friends about VeinInnovations and I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about vein treatment!!! They are wonderful!!!

Lisa 9/25/2015 

I had a great experience from the initial ultrasound exam, to the actual procedure. Quick, courteous, painless. I am on the road to recovery!!

 Barbara P. 4/26/2016



My experience exceeded my expectations. There was no pain or discomfort. I was able to continue my daily activity. I actually went shopping following the first procedure on one leg. I returned the next week for the second leg. Overall, now there is no venous stasis (ankle swelling) or visible large varicose veins. I rate 5 stars!

 Laura H. 2/14/2016



I had vein closure with Dr. David Park and Dr. Alex Park. Great results with both. Very efficient office and love the staff. I’ve had follow up spider vein therapy with Laura (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Laura) She is the bomb with her work, knowledge, tenure and application. Couldn’t ask for someone more caring and sweet. I have been to other vein care facilities and I would have to say that the Vein Innovations in John’s Creek is spot on! Wonderful professional folks who care and are super knowledgeable. I am on my last scheduled visit soon (#6) and certainly would recommend their services.

 Patricia S. 11/21/2015



Before treatment, my legs felt tired, heavy, and tender. My varicose veins had become more visible and bulging; the pain was a detriment to my overall physical activities. I recaptured a lot of years through this process. Had I known more about vein disease, I’d have done it much earlier.

Bobby T.  12/10/2015




When I first visited Vein Innovations, I was a little scared because I had heard so many horror stories about vein removal procedures for other centers. My consultation was not as horrific as I had expected. It was simple and easy. I had terrible varicose veins in my legs that I was very self-conscious about. I would not wear shorts or dresses above my knees because I would always catch people giving my legs really funny looks. I agreed to have the procedures done. It has been almost two years since those veins have been removed and I am wearing short dresses, shorts and skirts with so much confidence. I like to walk past mirrors now and take a look at the back and sides of my legs. I still rub on my legs where those veins were and it’s just smooth. I am forever grateful to VeinInnovations, they improved my life in a major way! When I tell my story to people, they can’t believe I ever had varicose veins!

Faydria 8/19/2015



Everything was fast and easy and left me feeling so much better. Get your legs done! You won’t regret it.

Samantha 8/21/2015