Vein Treatment Testimonials

Wilma Jean headshot

"Tingling and burning sensations in my legs"

Wilma Jean

My legs are so much better now. In a few weeks all the bruising was gone. There is a tiny patch still on the back my left leg, but you have to look close to even notice. It’s the winter anyway, so no shorts for a while. Maybe I will go back for a touch-up before spring. Plus everyone in the office were so helpful, and professional, I kinda miss them. They need to see how great their work turned out.

So my advice…. Give them a call. Schedule an appointment, so they can map your veins, and plan treatment. Then go get your legs done. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Vein Innovation Testimonials From Belinda Skelton

"No more icky spider veins - Not your mother’s legs"

Belinda Skelton

Host of "Belinda Skelton's Atlanta Living" Saturday's 1p-3p on News/Talk WSB

“I speak a lot in public, I have a lot of public events, so I wear a lot of skirts and I was starting to get very self-conscious about the little spider veins in my legs. And so I was starting to wear more pants and I didn’t really like that, so I decided I needed to do something about it…

I came to VeinInnovations because of the fact that they really focused on the health of your veins as well as the cosmetic value, as well. I had just little spider veins but that could lead to a venous disease and the big varicose veins that everybody wants to really avoid. So it was not just the cosmetic factor that I was looking for. I wanted to make sure that I was not heading towards something that can be a health issue later, so they made sure that you were healthy enough to have this and not just looking to get my money in for a quick fix.

Patient Celia Dyer's Testimonial

"Family history of varicose veins – Fixing is a no brainer"

Dr. Celia Dyer


“When I decided to have treatment for my varicose veins, I wanted someone with a lot of experience, personal care. I wanted a cardiovascular, board-certified surgeon and I found all that at VeinInnovations.

My legs look and feel good… It was a no brainer!”

Jane Dinnen-Surgeon Testimonial

"So Pleased With Treatment, I Went To Work For VeinInnovations"

Jane Dinnen


“The biggest thing for me was the surgeons and they had really, really great resumes. The initial medical procedures I had just made me feel so much better and they are looking so much better too. I’ve just been really pleased.”

Lalona Richards-Patient Testimonial

"Take things up a notch – Take care of spider veins"

Lalona Richards

Mrs. Georgia America 2010

“A lot of us women out there have spider veins on our legs for whatever reason and treating those can help us feel more feminine and help us feel more beautiful and I think that’s something to celebrate and something to move forward on. It was extremely important that I had complete trust and confidence in the doctors that were going to work to alleviate my spider veins and found that here at VeinInnovations.”

Ed Smith-Restless Leg Type Syndrome

"I played 18 holes of golf, three days in a row. I hadn't done that in a year and a half."

Ed Smith

Telephone Technican

“I had violent jerking in addition to the pain and burning sensation like you’re kind of walking on glass or pins or something like that. But I would be asleep and my legs would jump so violently that it would wake me up… tried several medications… did not help any.

Dr. David with his technician after my examination said we can fix that. And I was a happy guy because I thought myself that I was at the point in my life and my physical condition which was deteriorating that I was going to lose my mobility.

It’s just like a whole new world opened up. I went through several procedures. I was there 45 minutes maybe an hour. There was no downtime, there was no anesthesia. A couple of days you go back to your normal activities. I’d say to any man out there, if you’ve got problems with your legs, get off your high horse and go talk to VeinInnovations and get it fixed.”

Varicose Vein Treatment-Skip Ramsey

"Best Season in Years - Now Pain Free Thanks to Varicose Vein Treatment"

Skip Ramsey

High School and College Line Judge

Skip Ramsey of Sandy Springs is enjoying his best football season in years. So what makes this season – after so many others – special? Because for the first time his officiating is pain free, thanks to treatments he scheduled at VEININNOVATIONS in Atlanta.

Ramsey first had surgery to treat his varicose veins while in his 20s. The pain and other side effects never completely went away, but he dealt with it as best he could. “My legs constantly felt ‘dead’ when I was officiating and I’ve always had some type of pain, but I tried not to let it slow me down.”

All that changed when some time on the Internet led him to VEININNOVATIONS. The specialists at VEININNOVATIONS determined that a procedure known as vein closure was his best treatment option. That meant the VI physician used a catheter heated by radiofrequency energy to close off part of the large veins that were causing Ramsey’s problems. Each of Ramsey’s legs was treated, with the procedures scheduled two weeks apart.

Most patients who have vein closure treatments return to normal activities within one day of their treatment. Ramsey was no exception. “I should’ve done this earlier. But at least now I have, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. For the first time, I’m not hurting this season. I think this has probably added 5 to 10 years to my officiating career.”

Kim Roberson-Vein Innovation Testimonial

"My teenage daughters are saying my legs look as good as theirs!"

Kim Roberson

VNUS Closure patient

“The first physician I saw said he couldn’t do anything about my vein problems, and said that even if he treated it, it probably wouldn’t work. The staff at VEININNOVATIONS said I was a prime candidate for VNUS closure and there was no reason not to treat it. Thank goodness I got a second opinion.”

“I’m very happy with the results.”

Testimonial From Abby Crook

"I can’t wait until summer because my legs are freakin’ awesome."

Abby Crook

Hairstylist and Runner

I first started noticing that I had varicose veins when I was a senior in high school. It was a genetic disorder for me. I did not want to go through what my mother went through with the surgery that they had available in her time.

When I decided to make an appointment to treat my veins, I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. All I had to do was make my first appointment. VeinInnovations went over everything, they examined me from head to toe. It was a very thorough and very interesting consultation that was really helpful. It really made me feel good about treating my veins.

I used to dread the summer because I would not want to walk on the beach and I didn’t want anyone to see my legs before. So now, I can’t wait until summer because my legs are freakin’ awesome. I just want people to take care of themselves and just make an appointment and just do it, because it’s not as hard as you think.

How To Recognize Restless Leg Syndrome

"Don't mistake leg pain as arthritis"

Dr. Bonnie Willhite


Mine started to bother me in my mid thirties. I’m on my feet for a good 12 to 14 hours. I would literally come home and my husband would have to massage my feet. A lot of people mistake that pain as I did for arthritis or just being achy from being on your feet all day.

I was really impressed with VeinInnovations experience. They had a very established practice for doing Endovenous collapse of the veins.

Christy Rutland-Insurance Coverage Concern

"I was to the point where my legs were aching all the time"

Christy Rutland

Mother of Three

“I’ve got really bad varicose veins…and after giving birth to 3 children, I was to the point where my legs were aching all the time.

I was nervous and I didn’t know if it was going to be expensive or if insurance was going to cover it. VeinInnovations really care about you and they want to make sure that you are comfortable and that you feel like you know what’s going on.

They not only made me feel better, but made my legs so much better.”

Belinda Skelton, of 750 WSB-AM & Parks Stamper, of 104.7 The Fish

"Longtime radio hosts give each other a “leg up on the competition”

Belinda Skelton, of 750 WSB-AM Parks Stamper, of 104.7 The Fish

Atlanta radio favorites

Atlanta radio favorites Belinda Skelton, of 750 WSB-AM, and Parks Stamper, of 104.7 The Fish, are giving a new meaning to having a “leg up on the competition.” The two friendly competitors recently filmed a commercial spot together to promote Atlanta’s VeinInnovations as each is a longtime patient who has had successful vein health-related procedures done at VeinInnovations.

While their voices may be recognizable to Atlanta radio audiences, their faces are not as well known. Though Skelton and Stamper were treated for different issues at VeinInnovations, the two came together to film a commercial spot promoting their favorite leg care center and developed a friendship on the set.

“We thought it would be a great idea to create a spot with Belinda and Parks because even though they may be competitors on-air, VeinInnovation’s work is something on which they both passionately agree,” said David Martin, President and CEO of VeinInnovations.

Inflammation Of Veins Symptoms

"Inflammation [of my veins] occured during my monthlycycle”

Angie O’Farrell

“Inflammation [of my veins] occured during my monthlycycle”