Thank You VeinInnovations!


Our patients are excited to share about how great their legs feel, and look! Whether climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with confidence and energy, getting back into shorts to walk Bennie, going to the gym in cute workout gear, or picnicking in the park with the family – legs that feel and look their best were made possible by VeinInnovations.


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Kevin’s life has changed dramatically. Taking care of his legs was an easy decision , and it turned out to be, “something that he should have done for himself a long time ago.” Now his legs look and feel great!


































Looking fabulous is more than just a day job for this Diva, but for her, it is more about her health. Sasha is confident in her skin regardless of appearance, but as a radio personality known for her vibrant persona, she wanted to make sure she was going to be happy and healthy for a long time, so she called VeinInnovations!

































Wilma Jean Ferguson wanted legs to match her youthful personality and appearance. The avid gym goer says she’s now proud to show off legs that “match the rest of me!”


Wilma Jean Ferguson thanks VeinInnovations for removing spider veins





























Parks Stamper got her “teenager” legs back! She began working as a waitress at a young age and the long hours on her feet contributed to her varicose and spider veins later in life. Before seeking treatment at VeinInnovations, her legs “looked like a road map.”  The 104.7 The Fish star says she is happy with her younger looking, and feeling, legs.







Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was a dream that became a reality in 2013 for Randy Yates, a VeinInnovations patient whose intensive training and preparation for the climb also included taking care of some bulging veins before taking on the world’s highest free-standing mountain. To read more about how Randy ascended the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro click here.


Randy Yates Vein Treatment for Men Testimonial































This active couple took the leap to healthier, better looking legs together! After their treatments they rekindled some of their passion – for life and each other – that began when they first started dating. Parents of four active children, both Hope and Scott say they feel like they have their “20-year-old legs” again.


The Brewer Family thanks VeinInnovations for vein treatment

































Losing sleep was taking a major toll on VeinInnovations patient, Julia James. Constantly tossing and turning, her legs kept her awake at night. After visiting VeinInnovations, Julia got her her legs, and her life, back!


Julia F. James thanks VeinInnovations for getting her legs back
































For this mother daughter duo, vein disease was hereditary. Although they suffered from different symptoms, the underlying cause for both was the same, chronic venous insufficiency. Now they both look and feel better, taking their healthy legs to new places all around the world.

































Lighter, healthier legs were just one of the advantages of seeking treatment with VI. Now, Bob has more energy and less pain on the court, and feels like he has gained 10 years back.




































The outgoing host and mom wasn’t going to let her legs hold her back. She trusted her legs to VeinInnovations!