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While the kids are at camp, take time to sharpen yourself, and your game!


By David A. Martin, President and CEO, VeinInnovations


Hurried moms and busy dads often look forward to the week or two when kids are safely occupied at sleepover summer camp.


If your kids are at tennis camp, they may come home ready to pummel you on the court with their new skills. Here are ways you can use this time to get on top of self-care, and your game, while they’re away:


1. Fit yourself with new sports glasses– your prescription in custom sports sunglasses will fit more securely, keep eyes safe, and enhance your vision. A new pair of glasses can go a long way toward helping you gain, or keep, your edge, especially if you play in conditions where glare is a factor.


2. Check your shoes– your style of play – whether you are a baseline or serve-and-volley player – is a determining factor in choosing the type of shoes to increase performance and prevent injury. Baseline players need shoes supporting lateral motion; serve-and-volley players need a more durable toe-cap. Taking time now to have a footwear professional help you find your best fit and style could improve your standing all season!


3. Get support from your socks– you’ve seen runners and some tennis players in them for a reason: well-made compression socks boost joint and muscle stability, helping to prevent injuries. They can also reduce fatigue and help keep legs and feet cool and dry.


4. Rejuvenate tired or hurting legs– if spider or varicose veins, or heavy, tired, or restless legs cause fatigue during or after a match, take advantage of the free ultrasound screening at VeinInnovations, a long-time ALTA supporter. Many tennis players have thought leg aches and pains were related to arthritis or muscle pain, only to find the source of the pain was chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a hereditary medical condition wherein valves in leg veins fail, allowing blood to flow backward, or reflux, and pool. CVI – with or without varicose or spider veins – affects almost half of all people over the age of 50. Medically indicated vein treatments are likely to be covered by insurance, take less than an hour, and are done in-office, using local anesthesia. Many patients experience immediate relief of symptoms. Downtime is minimal.


Using this time to improve yourself may make it easier to keep up with returning campers, on and off the courts, which is always a good thing for busy ALTA parents.


To schedule an appointment for a free ultrasound screening at VeinInnovations, call 678-731-9815. Find out if heavy, hurting, restless legs – with or without varicose veins – are symptoms of a medical condition that can be treated in-office, with local anesthesia and little or no downtime, and is covered by most insurance. For more information visit VeinInnovations’ website.