The first step to proper treatment of a vein disorder is a correct diagnosis. At VeinInnovations, our Atlanta vein specialists use state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostic equipment to determine exactly what is happening inside our patients’ veins. The ultrasound equipment looks at how the blood is flowing and determines if any backward blood flow is occurring.

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While many medical facilities have the diagnostic equipment that we have, they may not have staff members who are properly trained to diagnose vein disease. At our Atlanta vein clinics, our registered vascular technologists perform the tests. Therefore, our patients can rest assured that any problems will be accurately reflected before one of our vein doctors makes a diagnosis.

Of course, we also perform a physical examination while the patient is both sitting and standing. We ask our patients a series of questions about their symptoms, including where they are experiencing any pain, discomfort, swelling, itching or other problems such as restless leg syndrome. Some of these, many of our patients don’t even associate with vein disorders. This thorough examination helps us pin down exactly what kind of vein disorder they have.

Many of our patients come to us because they want varicose vein removal, and they’ve heard about our many minimally-invasive varicose vein removal treatments. With our thorough diagnostic techniques, we can determine exactly which vein(s) are weakened or damage.

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By closing down the damaged veins by using one of our laser or radio-frequency catheters or removing damaged veins, we can fix the problem quickly and easily, with little to no downtime. When a problematic vein is isolated and treated, the other, healthier veins will take over. Not only will your varicose veins fade away, but you’ll experience relief from your symptoms.

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