Spider veins generally appear as web-like discolorations of the veins (usually red, purple and/or blue). Like varicose veins, they are most common in the legs. However, spider veins can also appear in a number of other areas of the body.

Spider veins generally aren’t as painful as varicose veins and usually don’t present any health risk. They are nonetheless a cosmetic issue for many people due to the areas of the body where they show up – particularly on the legs, but they can also develop on the face, feet, and hands. That’s why people throughout the Atlanta area come to VeinInnovations for spider vein removal.

Our patients are often concerned when they see these discolorations appear throughout their body. However, as our Atlanta vein doctors tell them, it’s not unusual to see spider veins develop in a number of areas other than the legs. We’re going to discuss some relatively common areas where spider veins can appear.


This is where spider veins can present a serious cosmetic issue. When they appear on the face, it’s often around the nose, eyes and cheeks. Two common causes of spider veins on the face are sun exposure and smoking. Both can weaken or damage blood vessels, which causes the veins in the face to become more visible.


Since circulatory issues often affect the lower extremities, it’s not uncommon for people with these problems to develop spider veins in their feet. If the underlying circulatory issues aren’t treated, spider veins can develop into varicose veins and become painful.


When spider veins develop in the hands, it’s often due to aging. With less fatty tissue in the hands, they become less elastic and the skin becomes thinner. That makes the veins in the hands more visible. As with all varicose veins, the sooner they’re treated, the less complicated the treatment generally is.

What Is AccuVein?

The Atlanta vein specialists at VeinInnovations are proud to partner with AccuVein to provide a treatment specifically designed for spider vein removal. This state-of-the-art tool allows us to pinpoint these tiny spider veins with an infrared light. By using this light, spider veins on the surface and even the veins under the surface that may be feeding the spider veins, are easily seen by the provider performing sclerotherapy. This enhances the treatment and helps the provider remove them easily and quickly, with little or no discomfort and no downtime.

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