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 Introducing VI Active — Compression Sportswear to Improve Performance From VeinInnovations, Your Source for Comprehensive Leg Health

Athletes — including the winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, American Meb Keflezighi — are eager to leverage the latest trend in sportswear: cep brand compression socks,  sleeves, and running tights that serve the dual purpose of clothing the wearer in sleek style, while at the same time improving performance.

 This is not your grandmother’s sportswear, or compression stockings.

 Atlanta-based VeinInnovations, with two clinics dedicated to venous health, and soon, a store featuring compression sportswear, is not your  grandmother’s vein clinic.

“We are dedicated Comprehensive Leg Health, and help people with heavy, tired, restless legs, as well as athletes who want to achieve their best performance, with the most  advanced vein care and education available, and now, with the full line of cep compression sportswear to complement the support hosiery and socks created by cep’s founder, and our partner in Comprehensive Leg Care, medi USA,” said David Martin,  RN, CRNFA, and founder of VeinInnovations.

“More than fifty years ago medical professionals started recommending compression legwear for patients looking to improve blood circulation and overall leg health. About thirty years ago it was discovered that compression wear also helps prevent the buildup of lactic acid, which decreases leg soreness after a workout,” Martin explains.

“Compression athletic wear has been shown to help athletes by increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood. This improves performance and speeds recovery. Compression also helps push de-oxygenated blood back to the heart.

“We are excited to be opening our first dedicated VI Active store, featuring the cep line of compression sportswear, in Johns Creek in June, and advancing public awareness of the importance of venous health — and compression wear as an aspect of this — as untreated venous reflux disease  adversely affects an estimated 33% of women, and 25% of men, and about half of all men and women over the age of 50,” Martin said.

For those concerned about wearing compression wear in the heat, the cep brand uses yarns that “wick” moisture away from the skin, actually cooling the athlete.

Other benefits of compression wear include a reduction in shin splints and calf cramps, as well as protection for the Achilles tendon.

With all the choices in compression sportswear, it makes sense to do some research before you invest (a pair of short socks runs about $25; sleeves are $40; running socks are $60) especially since some compression wear can actually do more harm than good.

“One of the surgeons wearing our cep calf sleeves offers this advice: steer clear of any product where your ankle and calf measurements are not used to fit the sportswear,” Martin added.

VeinInnovations was founded by Martin in Atlanta, GA in 2002, to meet the growing need for a better way to treat a vein disease. Remarkable technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease included new, more sensitive imaging devices, and an array of catheter-based treatment options designed to treat patients in a minimally invasive, office-based procedures, thus eliminating the need for hospitalization. VeinInnovations was the first vein specialist facility in Georgia operated by physicians to offer every effective treatment option available, and remains as the only practice to meet those criteria.

The founders of VeinInnovations realized that to deliver the full benefits of these exciting new technologies, dedicated facilities operated by specially trained staff would have to be designed and built. That is exactly what we have done, and it has proven to be an extremely successful model of care. From our inception, we at VeinInnovations have focused solely on the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, including varicose and spider veins, and we continue to do so. In this way we can provide the very best possible vein treatment, and help all our patients have Great Legs For Life.