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VeinInnovations, Atlanta’s first independent, patient-centered vein center has partnered with Sally B’s Skin Yummies to offer VIrx, an original formulated healing and repair cream to patients. 

Atlanta, GA (December 14, 2016) – VeinInnovations today announced that it is partnering with Sally Larsen of Sally B’s Skin Yummies to offer Vlrx Healing and Repair Cream. Vlrx is a new, progressive skincare product offered in-house to VeinInnovations’ patients for before, during and after treatment care.

Sally B’s Skin Yummies is a company certified as cruelty-free and providing products that are created with the highest concentration of certified organic ingredients possible. Vlrx is 75% Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan. It is manufactured free of petroleum products to be preservative free and GMO free. Proudly Vlrx is produced without any experimentation on animals to be cruelty free.

How does it work? VIrx offers a one of kind formula harnessing the superb moisturizers organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and organic argan oil that benefit all skin types. The active ingredients that provide healing and regenerative results are Vigna Aconitifolia, commonly known as Moth Bean Extract (a plant-based ingredient) and Gotu Kola which naturally aid in scar reduction. Arnica Montana which reduces bruising is another important part of this revolutionary formula.

Vlrx, offers patients one naturally-based, skin regeneration solution that takes the place of multiple products for the aftercare of treatment at VeinInnovations.

“Previously, our medical staff would send our patients to the pharmacy to buy multiple creams to reduce bruising and heal scarring in post treatment care. Now, we can offer our own organically based product VIrx, which has shown to produce amazing results, in-house. Our hope is that our patients feel it’s just another aspect of patient care that makes VeinInnovations Atlanta’s leader for vein treatment,” said David Martin, RN, President /CEO, VeinInnovations.

Encompassing a unique, organically scented blend of cocoa butter, lavender, grapefruit and real vanilla, Vlrx offers patients a relaxing as well as healing experience. This innovative product however is not just for vein treatment patients, its amazing benefits are for anyone wishing to improve the appearance of their legs. These benefits include:

  • Softer Skin
  • Enhanced Healing of new scars
  • Reduction of “crepey” skin
  • Improvement of old scar appearance

VeinInnovations, Atlanta’s first independent, patient-centered vein center, uses the latest technology and customized treatment plans created by board-certified surgeons and doctors specializing in vein disease, heavy, hurting, restless legs, varicose and spider veins.

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