Varicose veins, a major symptom of venous insufficiency, affect more men than was previously thought. In fact, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of men will suffer from spider veins and varicose veins during their lifetime. Recognizing when to seek varicose vein treatment and opting for earlier rather than later will make a difference in a man’s quality of life in many ways. This is especially true if one of the symptoms of his venous insufficiency manifests as restlessness in the legs at night.

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are not just a discoloration of the skin. They are a sign, along with symptoms such as heaviness, achiness, swelling, or restlessness in the legs, that blood is not flowing properly. When the delicate one-way valves in the legs begin to fail, as happens with age, injury, or as the result of heredity, blood refluxes, or flows backward. Pooling of the blood causes legs to feel heavy, to ache, swell, become restless, or itch. Over time the veins can begin to bulge and change colors. But these outward and visible signs, the varicose or spider veins, are symptoms of venous reflux. And people can have venous reflux disease without varicose or spider veins.

When to Seek Treatment

Men often wait until they are in great pain to seek treatment. Or they seek treatment when a child, grandchild, wife, girlfriend, or significant other comments. Men are notorious for putting off procedures, but this is a condition that will not improve with time. Venous insufficiency is a progressive disease that can result in:

  • Debilitating pain
  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of interest in exercise and enjoyable activities
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Venous stasis ulcers that are difficult to treat and heal

The best time to seek medical advice is when any symptom of venous insufficiency becomes apparent. The earlier one seeks treatment, the less likely they are to experience negative consequences. Although varicose veins are often associated with women and are thought to be a cosmetic issue, men need to know that venous reflux and resulting varicose and spider veins are a health concern that also impact men. And they need to know the condition will not improve without treatment.

Treatment Options

The only way to know what course of treatment is best is to have an ultrasound examination of your legs by a registered vascular technologist, who will look for venous reflux disease. The conservative treatment for venous reflux disease is wearing support hose. To achieve lasting results, a minimally invasive treatment option such as radio frequency or endovenous laser ablation may be indicated. VeinInnovations offers every available treatment option, the latest technology available, and the board certified surgeons with the experience and expertise to help you achieve optimal results. Procedures are virtually pain-free and require little or no downtime. More than 90 percent of procedures are covered by insurance. If heavy, tired, restless legs, with or without varicose or spider veins, have been affecting your quality of life, rest, or exercise, don’t wait. Call VeinInovations and get back in the game!