We’ve discussed here before the importance of exercise, particularly low-impact aerobic activity, to help prevent varicose veins and ease the discomfort that often comes with venous disease. Our Atlanta vein doctors generally recommend some type of exercise plan for our patients, provided that they’re healthy enough. For many people, that plan includes yoga.

How Does Yoga Help?

Yoga has been shown to:

  • Ease the pain and heaviness of varicose veins
  • Improve the function of weakened valves
  • Help develop the muscles that pump blood
  • Help prevent vein disease from worsening or recurring

There are certain yoga poses, or asanas, that are particularly beneficial for your circulation and help ease the pain of varicose veins. They also help you move better. Most of these involve either elevating the legs or having them in an inverted position. Both of these movements help the blood that has pooled in your lower extremities move towards the heart, as it should. They also ease pressure on your veins.

Yoga Poses to Improve Circulation and Vein Health

Following are some recommended poses. They’re all fairly simple, but it’s a good idea to use photos or videos to help ensure that youyoga have the correct form when practicing them. Remember that it’s essential to focus on your breathing whenever you practice yoga. Practicing these poses in the morning, before you start your day, and in the evening after a long day of sitting or being on your feet can help you feel and move better.

Shoulder Stand

This is an elevated pose that helps bring blood to the heart. Remember, your weight should be on your shoulders and arms. Don’t use your head to support you. You should try to maintain the pose for at least five minutes to achieve the benefits of it. If you need or prefer to, you can perform the same pose, but with your legs up against a wall. This is just a more supported version of the shoulder stand.

Boat Pose

In this pose, your legs are lifted off the ground, while you reach out your arms toward them. This not only helps circulation in your legs but helps strengthen and tone your abs. It’s important not to forget to breathe during this one.

Downward Facing Dog

Most people have heard of this popular yoga pose where the hands and feet (preferably your heels) are on the ground and your body is lifted in a triangular shape. It’s great for stretching and toning the calves, which is where the all-important calf muscle pump is.

Take Control of Your Veins

Our Atlanta vein doctors work with our patients to help them incorporate exercise into their lives for better vein health, whether as part of a conservative treatment plan or after one of our state-of-the-art varicose vein removal treatments.

If you’re ready to get rid of your varicose veins, call or contact us online today to schedule a consultation with one of our vein specialists.